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I will look into it more to see what I can find. On a macbook air mid , absolutely no performance impact either way. I should try plugging it to the Thunderbolt displays.

How Can We Make WindowServer No Longer Consume a Lot of RAM and CPU

Thanks so… much. MBA , no external displays connected. Have to kill the process three or four times a day. Apple really dropped the ball with this. Your advice to Reduce transparency and hiding of the Dock helped a lot in my case. It is not as smooth as in Mavericks, but much better that prior to these 2 steps I made. Topher, I found a solution for this and wrote a guide at the Apple Community forums. Hope it helps. And the lag between switching windows and selecting items is gone, along with the keyboard delay when writing.

I encountered this problem today on Mid Mac Mini using 2 external monitors. Thanks for the advice. I really hope Apple slows down their software release schedule. Thank you! I have a MBP from early Often problems like this are fixed by re-launching Safari, where after a while your browser cache is refreshed and odd artifacts and other display quirks are cleared.

How to Restore Reset a iMac to Factory Settings ║ macOS Mojave

I managed to drop the WindowServer CPU usage dramatically by removing the desktop background image and setting it as solid color. Thank you so much! This indeed seems to help at first glance. Much better! This pissing me off. I pay close to 5K for a new macbook pro and it does this [expletive removed]. WTF Apple is becoming microsoft, they just release [expletive removed]-wear for all of us to work out. Thank you for this tip! It is absolutely early beta grade, I cannot believe they shipped this as RTM.

Killing it seems to fix the problem.

Not sure why GAB would need the process though. Same problem on both macbook air work and home. It was an issue in mavericks and just get worse in yosemite. Is there any official statement about this?

Running GUI’s with Docker on Mac OS X

Having run Onyx and having it point out that the zero length file was an invalid preference file and then a comment I stumbled across elsewhere about copying the WindowServer preference files back in the the Preferences folders from their system installed locations made me decide to try finding a non-zero length WindowServer. The actual WindowServer error count went from 9, messages in 12 minutes before the change to 44 messages in 13 minutes since the change.

While this was just an informed try it seemed having a current backup to be a good guess and for me it so far, fingers crossed is working well. For me, trying it was better than page after page of seemingly invalide errors in the log and the slow festering of OS X after each boot. Here is exactly what I did in terminal ; try it at your own risk but if you do let us know what happened. I hope that all my commands are correct; please add comments to correct them if not.

Well, I have to revise this to a clue and not a solution. Tried everything — but after one! What has Apple done? I keep hopeing Apple will fix this but the last time I complained they denied knowing of the problem. Excellent — thanks! Thanks for the tips. Reducing transparency and going to a plain colour, non-changing desktop image has really reduced WindowServer lag on a Mac Mini late using an external USB powered monitor.

The lag was most noticeable in Word , which had a noticeably slow response when typing. Thanks so much!!! None of these helped me.

macos - Restart OS X GUI - Ask Different

When connecting to the Thunderbolt display, I get slow responsive graphic and sometimes I can see the window redrawing. That happens the most with the desktops close to the right margin and to the icon for adding a new one. If I unplug the computer from the external display and get the discrete GPU to work on the bullit in display, no problems at all, as well as using the integrated GPU. No problems at all on Mavericks, I still have my previous install bootable, but I made the mistake of setting iCloud Drive.

Therefore I am now obligated to use Yosemite and cannot get back at using Mavericks. I installed Yosemite as a fresh install two times. I also use Safari as browser. I also had my logic board replaced one year and half ago at Apple Store since the GPU got burnt well known problem of this particular models of MacBook Pro. I got it working fine on my external display for a while. I would empty iCloud of all data and re-install Maverick with a new account. Terrible, terrible OS. Hi Daniel, thanks for your suggestion. Moreover, will I later be able to merge the old iCloud account with the new one just created ad hoc for downgrading to Mavericks and get iCloud syncing without iCloud Drive.

How about the other iOS devices that now are syncing via iCloud Drive?

Force relaunching Finder seems to reset WindowServer, fixing the problem temporarily, without having to log out or reboot. Worked for me. Thanks to all the contributors.

Close call. This is a serious error. This application, or a library it uses, is using an invalid context and is thereby contributing to an overall degradation of system stability and reliability. This notice is a courtesy: please fix this problem. It will become a fatal error in an upcoming update. Also having system screenshots placed in a folder instead of the desktop has a big benefit since only one folder has to be drawn by the OS on the desktop. Wow, that was totally it.

What is a WindowsServer?

I quit BetterTouchTool and suddenly everything was faster, specifcally in switching apps and especially between monitors. Fair point, but how does this relate to the problem described in the question?

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That might help the OP. At the same time, VNC remote access was restored. Thank you sir! I think the note about removing it is referring to the fact that the window server is available from the global bootstrap namespace, not removing the entire window server. Do applications remain open if one does this? Yes, they absolutely do.

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