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The simplest ways to eject an optical disc is to take advantage of desktop icons that you can drag to the Dock's Trash icon or select with a mouse click so you can use the "Command-E" keyboard shortcut. To make optical-media desktop icons visible, switch to the Finder, open the "Finder" menu and choose "Preferences.

How to Eject a CD That Doesn't Show Up on the Desktop on a Mac

This change takes effect as soon as you click on the check box. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language. See disclaimer. From the Keyboard On some Apple keyboards and on third-party keyboards designed for compatibility with Macs, you'll find a dedicated Media Eject key at the top right corner. It is supposed to snap back up from there when the CD tray hits those little hinges.

Sometimes it gets gummed up, and it just needs to be nudged a bit to snap back up. If you are unable to nudge it out of place, it's likely really stuck. You'd probably want to remove it from the case and examine it.

how to open cd/dvd drives mac pro without… - Apple Community

It might need cleaning: either blowing dust away with compressed air or gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush. If it's oily or sticky, you might want to use a tiny bit of warm water, even less soap, and scrub gently with a toothbrush or paper towel let it dry completely before connecting it to power! You might find that the spring mechanism is broken or missing, in which case you'd need to replace those parts. It's likely the case will have to be replaced.

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I've fixed this before by lightly tapping on the area below the gate, but it's a recurring thing. You can also slide the optical drive housing out and take a look at the mechanism that raises and lowers the gate. Try manually pulling it up and down a few times.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I will try the sleep thing next time it happens. I tried rebooting into Windows via BootCamp to solve the problem, but Windows couldn't see the drive either.

I suspect this is a hardware problem, or that the Boot Camp driver has the same bug that the OS X driver does. Looks like zahadum might need to go back on the medication. Shutting down, gentle shake, firm words and a bit of aromatherapy would usually fix it. I always assumed a loose connection in the hardware somewhere. Then just as mysteriously, the problem vanished. Hasn't occurred for over a year now.

I thought that maybe a system update somewhere along the line had fixed the problem. Has anyone found a fix for this. It just started happening to me -- immediately on the installation of the new firmware update on my Intel mac pro.

CD or DVD Drive Drawer Won't Open - How to Fix

Actually, it was even worse - neither drive would play a DVD without stuttering, but it seems that deleting every preference I could find that even remotely had anything to do with DVDs seemed to help the playback problem - when the computer can see it at all. I haven't got a real solution but I have the same problem on my Intel Mini. I have noticed that switching to another user account tends to make the offending disk visible. I would love a real solution to this issue if anyone has anything to offer?

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It wasn't seeing my optical drive, so it saw no need to eject anything from it. It proved far easier than I'd thought. Yes, it seems a bit drastic, but since I'd already spent several hours trying various software fixes that didn't work, this minute, guaranteed-to-work procedure was marvelous.

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Perhaps a completely different issue, but the story continues The replaced Optiarc failed to read or burn, but the Pioneer worked flawlessly in everything on all media. I have spoken to Apple and they are again replacing the failed part, but they cannot guarantee the replacement won't be another Optiarc which they KNOW to have problems.

Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD

As a Video Editor, my selection of hardware is based on quality and up-time stability. This was why I shelled out 15, on a MacPro with all the bells and whistles.

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Seems running Adobe was no different on my Windows machine versus my new experience with the Mac. If I get an Optiarc drive again, I will just go out and buy another Pioneer and be done with Steve's smoke and mirror show I know its late to the game - but this happens often What's always worked for me is to launch Toast, set it to do a Disc Copy - it will recognize the disc in the drive either as a good or bad disc, but in either case it will allow you to click 'eject' in Toast - and the held disc ejects Lost your password?