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It allows you to be ready to go almost immediately should anything happen to your existing startup drive. Why a flash drive? A flash drive is a simple, inexpensive, and portable emergency boot device that can handle OS X or the macOS. Heck, it can even have both operating systems installed, letting you use the emergency USB flash drive to boot any of the Mac's you may have. Eliminating the need to pare down the OS to get it to fit on the USB flash drive significantly simplifies the installation process. Second, the cost of USB flash drives is falling. A 16 GB USB flash drive is large enough to install both a complete copy of the macOS and some of your favorite applications or recovery utilities, making it a budget-friendly emergency device that can boot your Mac and possibly repair or recover its data and get it running again.

Selecting a USB flash drive to use for creating a bootable OS X or macOS device is actually relatively straightforward, but here are some concerns to consider and a few suggestions to make the selection process easier. This is also true of macOS, the later versions of the Mac operating system. Speed is a mixed bag for USB flash drives. Focus on read speeds rather than write speeds when you shop for a USB flash drive. Apple is the primary source for this type of adapter, but as USB-C gains popularity, you will be able to find third party suppliers at reasonable prices for the adapters.

Most USB flash drives are formatted for use with Windows. The process for formatting your flash drive is very similar to what is outlined above. We prepared the USB flash drive by partitioning and formatting it and then enabling ownership. The flash drive will now appear to the OS X installer as just another hard drive that is ready for installation of OS X.

Having said that, we recommend that you customize the software packages that OS X will install. Then, click Select Disk…. In the pop-down menu, choose your external hard drive. Click Use Disk.

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Step 5. Step 6. Control click the Time Machine icon.

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In the pop-up dialog, click Back Up Now. Step 7.

The Back process begins. Wait until the backup process completes.

How to Downgrade to OS X Mountain Lion from OS X Mavericks

Download Mavericks in Mac App Store. This brings up App store window. Go to Purchases tab and sign in your Apple ID. Then, scroll down the items you download or fill out Mavericks in the search box at the upper right corner to find Mavericks. It's a 5.

Free Download Mac OS X Mavericks Data Erasure Software|Dogdatarecovery

Please wait until it's finished. Launch this page and download DiskMaker X on your Mac. When downloading is completed, go to find the DiskMaker X. Open the DiskMaker X and drag and drop it to Applications. Insert a usb thumb drive with at least 8 GB storage. Go to Applications and double click DiskMaker X. This brings up a dialog, asking you which version of OS X you want to boot. Choose Mavericks Then, DiskMaker X begins to look for Mavericks automatically. Once it finds Mavericks, click Use this copy.

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  6. If Mavericks can't be found, you need to browse your Mac and choose Mavericks by yourself. Step 9. Click Continue and fill out your Administrator name and password. Then, click OK.

    Step Shut down your Mac and restart it. The recovery mode on Mac shows a desktop with the menu bar of an OS X, as well as the window of OS X utilities where you can find such options as reinstalling the OS, repairing the HD or restoring the operating system after a backup , as mentioned above. Next, you need to choose a respective option from the utilities menu or window.

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    Time Machine can back up one day, one week or a whole month. The issue with it is that once the backup drive is filled, the oldest of the backups are gradually deleted to free up more space for the latest backups. Installing or uninstalling an operating system on your Mac is another powerful feature offered by Recovery HD.